Management in China

Financial, Administrative and Trade Management in China

A guide for executives for a successful and compliant business operation


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Financial, Administrative and Trade Management in China:
A crash course for executives for a successful and compliant business operation
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Who is this for?
  • Upper-Level Staff in China with foreign nationality
  • Managers and Professionals taking over a position in China
  • Corporate functions in Germany which cooperate with Chinese subsidiaries, customers and clients
  • People who are interested in the regulatory, financial and business environment in China, e.g. Students
Why should I bother?
  • You can get most of the information on the internet, but: It is not structured and mostly single websites are specific for single areas. These articles are a “One-Stop-Shop” for a good foundation to build on.
  • Getting a profound background requires a lot of time. This is a condensed version of the most relevant knowledge.
  • The target group, Students and Managers, in general do not need to be an expert on the topics but require a general understanding.
Current Draft Articles for Download

General Tips for operating in the Chinese market
2.1. General Observances and Rules of Conduct
2.2. Meetings with Officials
2.3. Group-Benefits vs. Single Entity Optimization

Legal Framework and practical hints
3.1. General Rules of the Civil Law
3.2. Contract Law
3.3. Company Law, Body and Business License
3.4. Commonly Forgotten contract elements
3.5. Cooperating with Lawyers

Administrative Management
4.1. Chop Functions and Chop Management
4.2. IT Infrastructure
4.3. Data Protection and Cybersecurity
4.4. Environment, Health, Work & Fire Safety
4.5. Construction and Real Estate leasing projects
4.6. Corporate Social Credit System

Financial Management
5.1. General Chinese Accounting Principles
5.2. Financial Statements and Item Valuation
5.3. Chinese Invoice System: Fapiaos
5.4. Company Bank Accounts and Treasury Procedures
5.5. Cross-Border Money Transfers
5.6. Budgeting and Controlling
5.7. Transfer Prices
5.8. Exchange Rate Implications

Company Taxation
6.1. Corporate Income Tax and Tax Adjustments
6.2. VAT, Surcharges and Other Taxes
6.3. Withholding Taxes
6.4. Profit Repatriation and Group optimization

General Trade Management
7.1. Evaluating and Managing Customers and Vendors
7.3. Import Regulations
7.4. Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
7.5. Antitrust

Sales and Sales Strategy
8.1. General Market Environment and Positioning
8.2. Products
8.3. Pricing of Services and Products
8.4. Choosing the Right Geographical Market
8.5. Sales Channels
8.6. Promotion and Marketing

Human Resources Management
9.1. Labor Law and Labor Contract Law
9.2. Democratic Principles: Company representatives and Trade Union
9.3. Important Policies companies should consider
9.4. Compensation Strategy
9.5. Trainings
9.6. Filling your (Management) Positions

Job Market and Job Hunting for Foreigners
10.1. Job Market in China for Foreigners
10.2. Finding, Negotiating a Professional Job in China

Who is the author?

Florian Hobelsberger (MBA) has years of experience in the Chinese market in a variety of functions including Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, Finance and Administration.
He started writing this book since he could not find an available publication which could bring him conveniently up to speed: He would have happily purchased it during the transition of becoming a manager instead of researching topics for hours himself or learning some things “the hard way”.

Other experts in their area supported by proof-reading or giving their opinions. You are very welcome to contribute too!
(Thanks so far especially to Doro, Lily, Johannes K., Ralph, Michael, Banking-Tim, Lawyer-Tim, Angela and Alex!)

Especially if you can contribute by checking
– Is everything correct?
– Are you missing important information?
would be highly appreciated!
(But I am happy about any kind of feedback)

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