Slow Carb in China – Trying out the 4HB / 4 hours body in China: First week

It is this time of the year again: I want to get rid of some extra weight on my ribs. While China has really great Food, it is really a bit hard to Control the weight here.
Additional challenge: Being based in Beijing, lots of the Food here is oily and Rice seems to be one of the Standards that are hard to avoid.

The first week is over, I just got my PAGG stack – since the only vendors for a premixed PAGG stack on Taobao are only buying the stuff in the US and then sending it by post, I went through the hassle of getting all the single ingredients myself on Taobao. Jingdong was not helping either.

Anyway, what Kind of chinese Food seems to be helping here?

My breakfast during the week mostly consists of 3 eggs since my Company provides free breakfast for all employees anyway, it is hassle-free.

Lunch I mostly go for 麻辣烫 (Malatang – like Hotpot for one person), 麻辣香锅  (Malaxiangguo, some Kind of dry hotpot)- mostly I was adding Tofu, but it seems that Tim Ferris suggests not to eat that. So it is just the Basic stuff: Meatballs for Proteine, Chicken or Beef, Broccoli, Cauliflower, lots of Salad and different Kinds of mushrooms.
Since my poor colleagues who go to lunch with me seemed to be suffering, I also sometimes just order 干煸四季豆 (spicy green beans) and 西红柿炒鸡蛋 (Egg and Tomato).

For dinner I mostly eat chicken breast, some beans and salad. Can be prepared quickly (less than 15 minutes) and at least seems to be satisfying so far. An international Supermarket (Jenny Wang… or was it Jenny Lou?) supplied me with some Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar which really brings a nice taste to that stuff.

My beloved coke Zero (零度可乐) will have to take a break with me, instead I mostly drink water with a bit of Lemon Juice inside during the day. And the is now adjusted with Cinnamon instead of a sweetener.

The results of the first week are quite promising: From 92,2 KG i lost -1,5 KG. And Tim is right: The first cheat day / binge day put quite some weight on (despite drinking the recommended Grapefruit jiuce) but it was gone again after 2 more days.

Week 2 just started yesterday and I will try some more adjustments this week: Doing some 7 minutes workouts together with the Slow Carb every 2-3 days, adding the PAGG-stack and trying to eliminate more of the Things I should not eat (e.g. Tofu).