FREE PREVIEW OF THE BOOK: “How to be Chinese”

You are suddenly planning to go to China and have no idea what will happen there to you? You only have a few hours to prepare yourself for this journey no matter whether you’re going there for studying, business, traveling, or any other reason? Fear no more! Brace yourself for a country filled with selfishness, dirty bathrooms without doors, and awesome drinking and smoking rituals! Describing daily situations which you are going to encounter, this guide will help you prepare for Chinese insanity quickly by waiving sociocultural explanations and history. Get ready for the naked truth and use this guide not only to survive in China, but also to enjoy the madness!

This blog is a preview of the book “How to be Chinese – A step by step guide how to survive and enjoy the madness in China” and includes some chapters (there are no pictures in the book though – consider it as a bonus here).

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